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An ansible is a category of fictional devices or technology capable of near-instantaneous or faster-than-light communication across infinite distances. At Ansible Labs, we plan to create the closest thing possible to a money movement ansible between web3/crypto and the traditional economy.
Arbitrary Execution recognizes the enormous potential of blockchain and decentralized technologies, and sees a critical need to instill users with peace of mind about the security of these systems in order to fully realize that potential. We are a team of security researchers who believe that decentralized technology can be as secure as it was envisioned to be. We are bringing our offensive security expertise, tactics, techniques, and hacker mindset to help secure the crypto ecosystem.
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Archetype is an early-stage venture firm focused on backing the next generation of crypto founders and accelerating the decentralized future.
Collective is the home for NFT communities. Creating spaces where NFT collectors come together to create, connect, and vibe. Formerly MomentRanks.
Decent enables musicians to monetize their work directly through their fans, aligning artist & fan incentives to reinvent funding, IP protection, and discovery. We do this through a marketplace and infrastructure that enables musicians to issue NFTs collateralized by their royalties.
Dinara is reimagining enterprise banking services to combine crypto and fiat assets in one integrated platform where any enterprise can hold and transact both crypto and fiat securely, simply and quickly.
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At Endstate, we’re creating the future of product ownership by marrying physical and digital products, and distributing the value created by these products more fairly. Starting with sneakers, we work at the intersection of collaborations and NFTs, partnering with creators to bring their stories to life by making both a physical product to wear and creating a digital twin. By using NFTs, we can unite experiences from digital art, to physical product, to special access to our collaborators and their communities, and the ability to wear the shoes in the metaverse (including video games and other online environments).
Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network. It is an open protocol that can support many clients, just like email. Users will always have the freedom to move their social identity between applications, and developers will always have the freedom to build applications with new features on the network.
Fractal is a global on-chain financial platform. It offers USDF an omni-chain yield bearing account and white-glove institutional products .
Loop Crypto is a platform that enables autopay with crypto.
Meow makes treasury management ridiculously simple. Put company cash to work with high yield strategies, U.S. Treasury Bills, and more — all from one dashboard.
Milkomeda delivers rollup technologies to leading Layer 1 ecosystems by offering the most popular smart contracting language, Solidity while enhancing inter-blockchain interoperability, user experience, and developer traction all at the Layer 2 level.